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Logo The purpose of Title I is to assist schools in improving student achievement, staff development and parental involvement. All public schools receiving Title I funds are district schools operating as school-wide programs. Schools utilize Title I funds to enhance the regular district instructional program. Schools use funds to:

  • add highly qualified staff,
  • support parent and community involvement efforts,
  • improve staff development,
  • purchase additional instructional materials and supplies.

Title I Parent Involvement

The Title I program for parents is designed to 1) inform parents about Title I regulations, 2) involve parents in local Title I decisions, 3) provide literacy training, 4) offer parents training in schools and in the community on ways to work with their children at home to raise student achievement, and 5) encourage active participation in their children's schools and education. Public Law 103-382 requires:

  • All Title I schools to develop jointly, with parents of participating children, a parent-student-teacher compact (written agreement) that states what parents, students and the school will do together to raise student achievement.
  • Schools must sponsor an annual meeting for all Title I parents and involve parents in an "organized, ongoing and timely way" in the planning, review and improvement of Title I schools.
  • Each Title I school utilize a percentage of its Title I allocation to support a comprehensive parental involvement program.

RMS Family Resource Room is located down the 6th-grade hall, room 6818. Gwen Hamby is our parent involvement coordinator and she is located here Tuesdays and Thursdays all day and Thursdays 7:30-3:15 and Wednesdays 8:00-11:30. If you desire to make an appointment outside of these hours, please contact the front office @ 706.935.3381. Her email is ghamby.rms@catoosa.k12.ga.us.

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